Cupping Therapy - Wailea Healing Center
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Cupping therapy is an alternative medicine in which suction cups are applied to the skin.

$120 per session | 60 minutes | Tuesdays only


Heather Boldt

cupping therapist

Massage Therapist & Cupping

Heather’s journey as a massage therapist began in early 2014 by moving from Oregon to attend the Maui School of Therapeutic Massage. In addition to advanced training in cupping therapy, she earned certifications in pregnancy massage, manual lymphatic drainage, as well as advanced body work techniques under Judith Aston and Dean Juhan.


Cupping Therapy is her favorite form of treatment, and her body work approach draws from all areas of her training. Heather’s approach is described by clients as confident, well rounded, and therapeutic.


In her personal time she is an avid hiker, traveler, gardener, and self described personality-type geek. Her attitude in life is optimistic and nurturing, with a genuine desire to see all people living their best lives.