Wailea Massage Therapy | Maui Massage Therapy | Kamaaina Massage
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Wailea Massage Rates

Aloha standard

60 min $120
75 min $150
90 min $170

Special Outdoor Massages w/ Ocean View
above golf course with Rebecca

60 min $135
90 min $195

Bringing you relief and relaxation!

The benefits of massage are nearly endless and each different technique addresses different needs. Much more than a “feel good” activity (though it certainly is that), therapeutic massage is a healing modality. Massage can be an effective treatment for reducing stress, moving lymph, improving circulation and relieving pain and muscle tension. It promotes flexibility, reduces fatigue, improves mood, and helps prevent injuries. Athletes often use massage to reduce their recovery time after overexertion and women who are pregnant often find massage helpful for relieving muscle pains, alleviating stress and depression and improving labor outcomes.

wailea massage therapy

Massage Modalities Offered

$120 for 60 mins

Relaxation / Swedish


Deep Tissue

Sports Massage


MauiVera +$8

Full Hot Stone Treatment +$20

Mini Hot Stone Treatment +$10

CBD / Hemp Oil +$20

CBD / Hemp Salve +$20