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Wailea Yoga & Fitness Team

Yoga and fitness classes are an increasingly popular way to keep healthy. Implementing a regular yoga or fitness practice gives you many physical as well as mental and spiritual benefits. Some benefits include shortening healing time from aches and pains; improving flexibility and posture; increasing bone, joint, and cartilage health; regulating blood pressure and adrenal glands; improving heart health and immunity; increasing focus and inner strength; relieving tension, improving mood and increasing peace of mind.

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Yoga Classes/Group sessions:

$16 per class

Package of 3 – $45

Sheridan K Hailley

Sheridan K Hailley, MA CPT


Guided Meditation Journeys & Restorative Yoga

Sheridan completed her degrees in Clinical Psychology and began her work in service in 1984. In her desire to provide whole, integrative therapy, Sheridan subsequently certified in Ayurvedic Polarity Therapy, which included Ayuryoga. She continued her holistic studies and service in Canada, the US, and a visit to India, honing her knowledge of meditation, yoga and body-centered therapies. She began teaching yoga classes in 1997.

More recently,  Sheridan has delighted in providing Meditation and Yoga classes at Healing Retreat Centers (Four Springs and Harbin, California, and Lumeria, Maui). In a recent radio interview, Sheridan speaks on the healing, nourishing power of Stillness and Inner Visioning (Woman Matters, Kaku radio). Her ongoing passion for Self and Soul awareness is reflected in her gentle, mindful energy-rich classes!

Angel Honig



Meenakshi Angel Honig is dedicated to peace and loving kindness. She studied with the world renowned Yoga Master, Sri Swami Satchidananda and is an internationally acclaimed‚ certified Yoga Instructor, Teacher Trainer, Stress Management and Wellness Consultant, Speaker & Author of 10 books. She has taught in a large variety of venues for over 40 years and served as the premier Mind, Body, Spirit, Yoga Instructor and Stress Management Consultant at the Grand Wailea for 17 years. Meenakshi Angel was featured in her “Yoga Feels Good” television show which aired for several years and has uplifted countless Souls with the Glorious Science of Yoga. Meenakshi Angel is passionate about combining her love for dance and Yoga into an evolving art of “Flying Yoga.” Five of her ‘Peaces’ can be viewed on Youtube.

Séah Criss


Yogaia Wave Movement Barre & Fitness Training

Séah specializes in senior and women’s fitness needs and small group training. Séah is a senior woman herself with over forty years of Yoga practice, thirty eight years in the healing arts and for the last decade has specialized in Personal Fitness Training as a pathway to longevity and enhanced health, focusing on total body fitness through various modalities. She is our Total Body Barre instructor offering 3 classes per week in this unique and super effective fitness style. It incorporates ballet barre exercises for definition in lower body, small weight repetitions for upper body development and sculpting, deep core work to establish strength and integrity and balance and aerobic movements to enhance all levels of fitness in each work out..Classes are one hour and are open to all levels of fitness as we layer the work, each layer adds a challenge, you can stay where you are or advance as your body develops through the training.