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Yoga Team

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Standard rate ~ $20 per class


3 Class Package $49

6 Class Package $99

10 Class Package $130

wailea yoga teacher

Bre Wolfe

Sacred Plant Medicine Yoga

Yogi, Life Coach, Explorer and Peace Activist

Founder of the premier ‘Sacred Plant Medicine Yoga’ in Arizona, Bre Wolfe is a RYT 500 yoga teacher, certified Professional Integrative Life Coach, certified Yoga Nidra Facilitator (Amrit Method) and certified Reiki Practitioner. As a yoga teacher, Bre integrates proven asana practices with breathing techniques to release deeply held energetic patterns that can hold us back physically, emotionally and spiritually. Whether on the mat or in a coaching session, Bre uses a combination of breath, poses, sound or plant medicines to help move you into stillness. This helps release trauma, judgements, pain, limiting thinking and dense energy from the body and mind, freeing you to experience your truth and your healing.

Lexi Mcilwain

Vinyasa Flow


Lexi grew up in Maine and got her yoga certification in Bali before moving tMaui

We welcome her are she embarks on this new chapter of her life as a resident of the island and Vinyasa flow teacher here at the center.



maui yoga teacher

Jen Madigan

Yoga Teacher

Originally from San Diego, Jen’s fitness career blossomed from a childhood rooted in competitive cheerleading and dancing. She earned a bachelors degree studying business and became certified in 500 hours of classical pilates before founding a pilates studio in San Diego. In 2015, Jen discovered her love for yoga and become a certified yoga teacher. Jen completed her RYT 200 yoga training on Maui and teaches Vinyasa flow classes that focus on mind-body connection, breath work and proper alignment.

Bridgette Dillan

Yoga Teacher

Bridgette came to yoga searching for a way to rehabilitate injuries sustained from lifelong involvement in elite athletics.
 She found an immediate love for yoga, especially restorative yoga and yin yoga. The practice of yoga led her on a journey where she has healed her own physical aches, and also healed her soul.

Laurie Householder Mehler (House)

Yoga Teacher

House recently moved to Maui to share her passion for teaching others how to edge their life and grow into a more powerful, confident person. Her wheelhouse is integrating skill sets that her clients can use for a lifetime. Areas include goal manifestations, thought and attention alignment, sports technique development ( swimming, biking, running, and yoga ). Certifications: James Madison University -International Business, Avatarpec Master, Landmark Education Graduate, Ironman University Coach, U.S. Masters Swimming Coach and Maui Yoga certified Instructor.